More than just a mindfulness app

This course is about community and connection

  • This course offers a mix of teaching styles, from videos, audio, questions for self reflection and easy to learn tips for a more joyful life.

  • Weekly opportunities to connect in real time, with real people. Our first LIVE session starts on 7th June 2023 at 10am (It will be recorded if you can't join us)

  • Building new habits isn’t always easy, but with the joyful approach, real connection and community, you’ve got the best chance at becoming the best version of you!

The Course

Give me 4 weeks and I'll teach you the key foundations of mindfulness to help you live your best life.

    1. Welcome, I'm so happy you are here!

    2. Super quick - 5 minute Meditation

    3. What is mindfulness and why do we need it? (7 mins)

    4. COAL - What's that all about? (2 mins)

    5. The Power of Curiosity

    6. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change - Wayne Dyer

    7. Homework & Overview of COAL (5 mins)

    8. Yay - You've completed week 1!

    9. Live session recording - Welcome!

    1. Welcome to Week 2 + Open with Mindful Movement (3 mins)

    2. 15 minute - Guided Body Scan + How the brain changes when we meditate

    3. The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it's open.

    4. A quick story... (2 mins)

    5. 5 min - Meditation to OPEN

    6. Homework & Resources

    7. Live session recording - Week 2

    1. Welcome to Week 3

    2. Guided meditation - "Every thought I think is creating my future" (15 mins)

    3. We're on autopilot 48% of the time, almost half our life!

    4. Awareness & Autopilot (8 mins)

    5. Meditation - It's not always easy / Homework

    6. 1 minute Feedback

    7. Live session recording - Week 3

    1. Welcome to Week 4

    2. Pause, breathe and smile + Joyful relationships

    3. Guided Meditation - Loving Kindness (12 mins)

    4. Give Love - A short story

    5. Where to from here?

    6. 1 Minute Feedback

    7. Live session recording - Week 4 (Final session)

    1. Gratitude

    2. Rewiring our brain to the positive

    3. The meaning of life is to find your purpose, the purpose of life is to give it away.

Mindfulness for everyday people - What's that all about?

  • $98.00
  • 33 lessons

Mindfulness for everyday people

  • Why do we need Mindfulness?

    See more opportunities, improve relationships and communication Walk through life with more ease and joy

  • How does the course work?

    Made for people who want more than a mindfulness app, this course offers videos, presentations with audio, written text and more.

  • Connection & Community

    This course offers live weekly Q&A’s, meditations and time for real connection

More than just a mindfulness app, we're a joyful community

Kind words

“I thoroughly enjoyed my course with Danica. It has taught me a fresh perspective on how I look at situations that occur in day to day life. It’s helped to ‘re train’ my brain to acknowledge the positives rather than highlight the negatives. I found the breathing practices hugely beneficial to reduce my anxiety as well as giving me tools on how to implement mindfulness in my daily life”

Catriona Colven

Your Teacher

Danica Joy

Mindfulness Teacher

Danica has been a student and teacher of yoga, meditation & mindfulness for almost 10 years. Danica believes that mindfulness is an essential tool for everyone to help navigate the challenges of life - with more ease and joy.


  • I've tried mindfulness and meditation and was no good, is there any hope?

    Guess what! Our minds think like our hearts beat - we can’t just suddenly stop our thoughts. Meditation and mindfulness is a practice, a training of the mind. To help it learn to focus, breathe our way through stressful situations and reduce anxiety.

  • I'm an absolute beginner, is that okay?

    Of course! Maybe you've tried to learn mindfulness through a book or app and it hasn't stuck? Science shows that we are creatures of habit, we revert back to our old ways and lose motivation. When you enroll with the joyful community, you will have access to the amazing course you can do at your own pace - BUT - you will also have accountability and connection with other people with our weekly Q&A and meditation!

  • If I can't attend the live sessions, will they be recorded and can I email any questions?

    Hell yes! All sessions will be recorded so you can sit back and watch them when it suits you. And of course, email any questions you may have and I'll do my best to find an answer!

"Doing mindfulness with Danica was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone. One thing that really stood out and I took from it was kindness and understanding towards your partner (especially when going through this journey of parenthood) Danica listens, relates and ultimately helped me better connect with my partner" – Dean Tait

It's a small price to pay

  • $98.00

    For the price of a massage or a daily cup of coffee, you can join our joyful community for 4 weeks of learning, connection and SO much more!

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